Wedding Gifts for the Groom

Wedding Gifts for the Groom

Posted by Joan - Your Wedding Style Advisor on 17th Jan 2018

Perfect Wedding Gifts for the perfect Groom

So he has done his bit & got down on one knee & asked you for your hand in marriage .... or maybe you asked him? The wedding date has been set, venue chosen the plans are drawn up & your special day is fast approaching.


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Gift for H2B .....

Hmmmm what can I buy as a grooms gift to remind him of our wedding day? Need some help? Do not worry the Aye Do Team are here with a some great ideas! In this blog post we thought we would share our top gift ideas with you so sit back, relax & enjoy our saunter through the wonderful world of wedding gifts for the Groom.

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However before we start how about a little quick 2 question quiz? ...... Your starter for 10 as they saying goes:

Q1. Traditionally why does the Bride stand to the left of the Groom?

Q2. Why is it tradition for the Groom to carry his wife over the threshold as they enter their new home?

And the answers are .....

Answer 1. The Bride stands on the left because in Anglo-Saxon times it was quite normal & a frequent event that, during the wedding ceremony, the Groom would be called upon to defend his bride, hence she would stand to the left so that his sword arm was free.

How chivalrous!

Answer 2. Zooming back in time to the Romans who was believed that it would be bad luck for a bride to trip as she entered her new home (well you would not want to damaged your precious Jimmy Choos or the Roman equivalent). So in order to avoid any chance of this happening, the Groom would carry the Bride through the door.

How did you do - did you know the answers? we had a check round the office & some did some did not it is amazing the amount of customs & superstitions there are all about what are the right & wrong things to do on your special day.

Anyway to business & let's have a look at some of the great ideas we have found for you .......

Personalised Wedding Cufflinks for the Groom

A pair of wedding cufflinks make a great present to give the Groom as a wedding gift. From traditional barrel or oval shaped designs to modern square cufflinks there is a huge amount of choice currently available. These Swarovski crystal diamante cufflinks are available in different colours to suit any wedding colour scheme & are a real bargain at under £25.

If you really want to go for the extra special wow factor then look no further than a set of personalised wedding cufflinks. What about the cost we hear you cry? Do not worry you can buy good quality engraved cufflinks for under £20 - fantastic value for money & not budget busting at all.

personalised wedding cufflinks for the groom under £20

personalised grooms cufflinks gifts

The designs are available with sets inscriptions which just need your details added for example the time & date of your wedding, the venue, your names ...... the list is endless. For the more adventurous you can design your own cufflinks by deciding the engraving on each one!

Not only are these a great gift to give your H2B as you start married life together but they are practical too & can be worn time & again after the big day has passed - a great way to keep the memories alive we hope you will agree.

Want to know a secret?

Well the cufflinks are also great wedding gifts available for the Best Man, Usher, Father & Father in Law of the Bride, Brother, best cat, best dog .... OK well not the last two but you are getting our drift!

personalised wedding cufflinks

Treasured memories, keepsake gifts

The day may be over but the memories will live in your heart forever - but how about keeping the buzz by displaying one of your photos in a special frame which can be engraved with the date of your big day or your names?

We all know that generally speaking men are pretty useless at remembering dates especially anniversaries so a glass keepsake engraved with your wedding date sitting on his desk is a pretty good insurance policy we think! making this a great gift for the groom.

spedial date anniversary personalised silver photo frame

personalised wedding gifts

We found the above designs are also available to give as wedding gifts to your parents, bridesmaids & ushers, best man, page boy & flower girl & at under £25 we think these are bang on budget.

father of the grrom and page boy wedding gifts

So there you have it another fun packed blog post which we hope has inspired you as you plan your very special day!

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If you are looking for inspiration for your wedding then check our our Pinterest boards here you will find mood boards with various bridal accessory colour schemes along with ideas to help create a vintage wedding day, ideas for traditional wedding accessories along with shabby chic bridal accessories & modern tiara & headband designs too - there is so much we just can not list it all so go take a peek!

Until next time - enjoy the glorious sunshine.

Aye Do: Fun wedding gifts for your groom, best man and pageboys too.

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