​Exceptional Wedding Ring Designs

​Exceptional Wedding Ring Designs

Posted by Denny Averill on 6th Feb 2018

Exceptional Wedding Ring Designs: 

 Adorn Your Hands to Hold That of Your Soulmate’s

Rings are probably one of the oldest kinds of jewelry there is. In ancient times, rings symbolize status and class as well as the perpetuation of love. This generation, however, most rings are now purely decoration. Although there are some people that like to associate the finger on which the ring is placed with particular personality traits of the owner. Here is a list of ring designs that highlights exceptional taste and decorations and symbol of love.

Wedding Rings

A ring that symbolizes eternal love, wedding ring has humbly been here for years, older than some of us and yet, as significant as ever. While the creativity of designers for weddings rings turns to a more modern look lately, the symbolism and tradition of the wedding ring stand strong as it’s ever been.

An emblem of love as deemed by many, through a long period of ownership, symbolizes devotion and perpetuating the oath of till death do us part. Wedding rings are usually a circle in shape as it does represent eternity for married couples.

Engagement Rings

The Engagement ring is a symbol of devotion, love, and fidelity a partner share with. The rings very shape and design, however, has added symbolism that several loving,pairs incorporate when they design their ring to signify their bond.

Promise Ring

The promise rings meaning does vary amongst couples, but basically, a promise ring is generally used as a sign of commitment. Essentially symbolises a couple’s love for each other and commitment to one another. Basically, a vow or a promise has already taken place. A promise ring is much like an engagement ring, but about an earlier stage leading to that.

Eternity Rings

Also known as infinity ring, is a woman’s ring that comprises a band of precious metal (commonly gold) set with continuous line of similar gemstones (commonly diamond) cut that means a never-ending love. Most people consider a full eternity ring as the ultimate romantic gift that you can give to your partner or spouse. It is usually brought to celebrate an important occasion (usually anniversary) in a couple’s relationship.

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