​Bridal beauty on a budget: look great for less

​Bridal beauty on a budget: look great for less

Posted by Joana Teixeira on 18th Dec 2017

Bridal beauty on a budget: look great for less

Every bride-to-be knows the pressure of sticking to a budget when planning a wedding. If you’re looking to keep costs down, hair and beauty is one area where you can save money without scrimping on quality. This guide provides tips on how to look great minus the hefty price tag. From skin care prep beforehand to hairstyles and makeup on the big day, here’s how to nail your bridal beauty on a budget from head to toe.

Skin and hair prep

A glowing bride doesn’t happen by chance or just thanks to a talented makeup artist – looking beautiful at your ceremony takes months of preparation. Fortunately, this is much more about effort than money. Stick to a thorough skin care and hair care regime in the lead up to your wedding, and you’re bound to look wonderful.

This is as simple (and cheap) as ensuring you drink enough water, get enough sleep and eat nutritious food. It’s also about consistently using your favourite skin care and hair care products in the months before, and treating yourself to an at-home facemask and deep conditioning hair treatment now and then.

Homemade hairstyles

If you opt for a relatively simple hairstyle, like a pull through braid, you can probably get away with not having to pay a professional hairdresser to do it for you. With so many great tutorials available online, you can easily learn how to do it yourself, or have one of your bridal party do it for you.

Whether you’re looking for a pull through braid step by step tutorial or a guide on how to do a French plait, search online and have a go at a few of your shortlisted styles to pick the one that’ll work best on the day. It’s important to practice a lot in the lead up, so that you know you’ll be all set on the big day.

Call in favours

If you know anyone who can offer their hair and makeup services for free, absolutely take advantage of it. People love to help, but you’ll only tend to get favours if you ask for them. After all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get! They don’t have to be professionals, either. Perhaps one of your bridesmaids loves to do nail art, or your future mother-in-law loves braiding hair. Ask around and find out everyone’s skill sets.

Free tips from bridal fairs

Bridal fairs are a great place for inspiration, and they’re also the perfect opportunity to pick up some free advice for your bridal beauty look too. Makeup artists will be happy to run through possible looks with you at the fair, and talk about products and techniques. You can then use all of this free newfound knowledge to give you the confidence to do it yourself. Just like with hair, the key is to have plenty of run-throughs beforehand, to give you the confidence that you can definitely do it without the need for a pro.

When you’ve got your prep right, called in as many favours as possible, and practiced beforehand to increase your confidence, you’ll realise it is possible to nail your bridal hair and beauty on a budget. Get ready to get planning and get excited!

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